Alberto Simone is a best-selling author, multi award-winning film director, screenwriter, psychologist, therapist and speaker, whose career spans more than 20 years.

He is specialized in EMDR therapy for the treatment of post-traumatic disorders and has a keen interest in eastern philosophies. While living in the United States for a few years, he expanded his knowledge in the fields of mindfulness and positive psychology. He has also led and organized numerous motivational seminars and training workshops.

He is the author of Happiness In Your Pocket, Every Day a Miracle: Learning The Art Of Loving Life and The Art Of Loving Yourself: Loving Yourself And Doing The World Good, and the creator of the Glass Half Full blog.

Alberto’s film productions include Moon Shadow, A Family Flaw, and  Commissioner Manara. He has also written, directed and composed the soundtrack of the biographical documentary, Meeting The Master- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.